Backwoods Bird Dogs

Greg made AKC history by winning the 2012 AKC Gundog Championship with a pointer named FC Old School Attitude. Bella made history by "defeating the largest number of AKC pointing breed field champions ever assembled for a single event".  The icing on the cake was the venue - the historic Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, Tennessee where no AKC trial had ever been run.

The sport of field trialing dates back hundreds of years. AKC and American Field are just two of the governing bodies that provide rules and regulations for the game that we enjoy playing. Todays' sport is primarily a horseback venue, but can also be enjoyed as a foot handler. There are field trials for the majority of sporting dogs, but I train and compete dogs for pointing dog competition. It is a fun and rewarding sport, and can be played in the months when you and your dog can't be hunting! Training expenses are the same, but there are entry fees involved during the trial months, which are generally April, May, September & October. I travel to most of the breed clubs' National events which take place in the fall.

Field Trials