Backwoods Bird Dogs

Nolly Vom Vinxbachtal, NA Prize II

OFA Hips good; elbows, thyroid, cardiac = normal

April O'Neil Sylwann Forest has been bred to Enno III v.d.Dachswiese for mid April pups. This is a repeat breeding that produced great hunting dogs and companions! Enno will be tested in NAVHDA this summer (June, 2021) in Utility. Parents are both health tested, CHIC, and tested in the field.

​Contact Liz for more info on this litter, and pictures of pups from the first litter. They will be 2 years old in April.

Winter Litter 2021

Nolly vom Vinxbachtal was bred to Enno III v.d. Dachswiese on December 2, 2020. We should be expecting puppies early February.  Nolly has passed all of her health clearances and she should have her CHIC # before she whelps. Both dogs are super hunting dogs with lots of point and retrieve. They also love to swim and have great temperaments. These puppies will make super hunting dogs and companions. Both dogs are imported from Germany. Enno has multiple litters on the ground and we love what we are seeing - lots of drive, pretty and great family dogs!

​Nolly is black roan, so will produce some black roan pups as well as liver roan. 

Nolly whelped 12 healthy pups on January 27, 2021. These puppies are sold.

April O'Neil Sylwann Forest, CHIC #134981                            Enno III v.d.Dachswiese, CHIC #137535

Spring  2021 Litter


Enno III v.d. Dachswiese

​             VJP 71, HZP 188, F/H 11/11               CHIC #137535​