Backwoods Bird Dogs

Ch. Backwoods HRH has been bred to DKJCH DKBRCH DKSCH Lykkeager's Hector on June 30, 2018. Hector is a Danish field champion, hunting champion and now tracking champion! HD free, vWD free. These pups should have it all: super temperaments, hunting drive and easy to look at! Peach is pregnant and due August 27, 2018. Please contact Liz for more info.

Ch. Backwoods HRH​, "Peach"

​CHIC #110289

Enno III v.d. Dachswiese

VJP 71, HZP 188, 11/11

DKJCH DKBRCH DKSCH Lykkeager's Hector

We are very excited about this litter of pups! Enno is from one of the top DD Kennels in Germany, HD A, vWD free, super temperament, beautiful coat, dark eye and gorgeous mover! Enno has a very keen nose and strong pointing instinct. April is imported from Poland, with a strong German influence in her pedigree. Very hard hunting girl, awesome temperament, soft mouthed, loves the water, also very strong pointing instinct. These pups should be very pretty, with nice tight coats, dark eyes, great noses, close working hunters for the family. 

April was bred to Enno on 1/30/19, puppies expected the first of April or so.

Ch. April O'Neil Sylwann Forest, NA I, CHIC #134981

Spring 2019 Litter